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Photo Book for $3.99 shipped

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“…God begins, continues, and completes.”

” Works done outside of Jesus Christ are worthless. Since everything is done of  Him, in Him, and by Him, what can we lay claim to for ourselves? Wherever there is faith in God, there God is; and wherever God abideth, there a zeal exists urging and impelling men to good works. Take care only that Christ is in thee, and that thou art in Christ, and doubt not that then He is at work with thee. The life of a Christian is one perpetual good work which God begins, continues, and completes.” – Ulrich Zwingli, the Swiss Reformer

Freezer Cooking Day Results

Our freezer cooking day went very well on Saturday.   Here is what I came home with to fill my freezer. This is 2 pans of lasagna, 2 pans of chicken enchiladas, two chicken tetrazzini meals, and 10 pasties, plus two apple pies, two loaves of french bread, two pans of rolls, and two loafs of apple cinnamon bread. We worked steadily from 9:30 till 3:00. It was alot of work…but well worth the effort!

Freezer Cooking Day

Tomorrow I am doing my very first freezer cooking day! If you frequent any of the frugal blogs I often mention, then I am certain you have read the buzz around the blogosphere about freezer cooking.  I have frozen a few things here and there, but never done a big planned out event. Tomorrow is the day! 🙂

A friend and I are getting together, at her house with no children, to give it a try. We each chose two recipes, her’s being ground beef meals and mine being chicken, and we purchased all the needed items for our chosen meals. We will be making pasties, lasagna, chicken tetrazzini, chicken enchilada’s, homemade rolls, apple cinnamon bread, and slab apple pie. The plan is for us each to have two of each.

Phew! The list looks a little daunting (and I need to be home by 3:00!), but with two of us working together I think it will go pretty smoothly.  And it should be fun!

Most of all I am looking forward to having eight meals in the freezer!  Has anyone else been doing freezer cooking days? Please share your tips and recipes!

My New Favorite Site!

A couple weeks ago I joined It’s a free site where you can post your unwanted books and “swap” books with thousands of other members who have posted their books online. Membership is free, and right now if you join and post ten books you get two free book credits! I just ordered my first book today! It’s very easy and there are thousands of books to choose from. You can even make a wish list so that you are notified when a book you want is posted. You can read more details here. If you do join, if you like you can use my name as your referer and I will get a free book credit! 🙂

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“A Lovely Lady”

Yesterday Adam received a call from an inmate at the jail who had suddenly been released. She needed some help getting a few places. She had been faithfully attending the ladies Bible Study that our church does each week in the local jail. Adam said he has seen her grow in  the Lord these past few months.  She has  an upbeat talkative personality and was so happy and thankful to be out. The four of us went and picked her up and took her a few places that she needed to go while she was waiting for a friend from out of state  to arrive to pick her up. Of course my boys turned on the charm and she several times exclaimed how cute and sweet they were. The first place she needed to go was to fill out some paperwork at the courthouse. We stayed in the van while she went in. As soon as she got out of the van and shut the door, Isaac said, “Mom, she is a lovely lady! I like her.”  

How sweet that a child can look upon a woman who has been through so much of what the world has to offer and only see what is in her heart.  As adults we tend to see the outside first. But what a blessing to hear my son, who is so innocent and pure, call this woman, beaten and battered by sin, “a lovely lady.”  That makes me smile.

January Book Review

This was a very easy, enjoyable read.  The entire book is based on Ephesians 5:33 and the idea that when the biblical pattern is followed and a woman gives her husband the respect he desires, in return he will give her the love she desires (and vice versa). The author gave many great Scripture applications and thoughts that I had not considered before.  Though I did not find this book very deep or life changing, it was helpful and insightful. I consider my marriage quite superb and enjoyable, but did come away from this book with several good ideas and helps that could help make it even sweeter. The thought’s he presents will also be a great tool when counseling others.

The book is 303 pages long. Though I was never bored, I did feel that he could have said all that he had to say in a fewer amount of pages. There was quite a lot of repetition. But then again, as they say, “Repetition is the mother of all learning.” So perhaps that was his idea.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is married, but especially to anyone in a troubled marriage or someone just starting out in marriage.

Over all this book was a good read and I am glad to add it to my personal library.