And “Amen” to that!

“In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, ‘That is mine’.” – Abraham Kuyper


And the fun just keeps coming…

There’s been quite a lot of activity here keeping us busy. Last week my sister Devin and her husband came up and spent some time with us. They arrived Sunday afternoon and left on Saturday morning. We had a very nice visit with them and enjoyed showing them around Wausau. Right after they left we had our church canoe trip and picnic, which of course was a great time. I think things are back to normal now for this week, and slowing down a bit. Of course being in the ministry and having two little boys running around, things are never quite slow! Always lots of fun here at the Jones house! 🙂

Last week our tradgedy of the week was Hudson falling off the arm of the chair (yes, that child is a climber!)  which produced many tears and much blood. Only after several minutes of frantic searching in his mouth did we find all the blood was due to a little cut on his gums. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any loose teeth or lasting results. Unfortunately, I know that there will be many more of these mishaps with Hudson. He has no fear and enjoys a good adventure. I expect  abundant bumps, bruises and blood in his future!

While Hudson has been defying gravity, Isaac is asking questions non-stop about everything under the sun. We bought him his own Bible a couple weeks ago and he has been asking alot of questions about the Bible story pictures in his Bible. One day we had quite a conversation about heaven and hell! His interest and graps of spiritual things is so exciting. We try to make loving Jesus and pleasing Him a part of every moment of the day and it’s wonderful to see some of these things taking root in Isaac’s mind and heart. We pray daily that the Lord will continue to open Isaac’s eyes to God’s truths.

Isaac also been especially sweet lately. He tells us at least fifteen times a day that he loves us, all on his own. It just warms my heart every time he says, “I love you!”. Hudson is also turning into quite a little lover, and his new thing is giving out lots of kisses. He very sweetly plants little kisses on my face all day long. The other day at the library he was even giving out kisses to a little baby girl! 🙂

Every day I thank God for my sweet little boys…and my sweet big one, too! 🙂 God has been so good to me.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last week and a half. Enjoy!



Hudson and Uncle Scott

IMG_9762     DSCN3103


The boys with Uncle Scott and Aunt Devin


Uncle Scott and Isaac


Mama and her boys


Isaac “studying” in daddy’s office


Our little Hudson

Phew! This is hard work!

When I had just one child, I had a bountiful supply of patience. I was very rarely frustrated or “at the end of my rope”.  Every moment of those early days of motherhood were sublime. Now, with two very active little boys, I find my supply of patience is not always so plentiful. What’s that saying? “Twice the children, ten times the work!” 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother and consider it the greatest job on earth. But some days now I find I have  to pray a little harder for patience and joy in my mothering. Any of you mother’s go through that  at times?  How often I fail to remember that every moment of the day I spend with my boys (yes, even those moments I am breaking up fights and sweeping up cracker crumbs!) is a precious gift from God.

I found a great article here written by a mother about the way we speak to our children. It was a good reminder to speak with love and encouragment to my boys even during those frustrating days.  I also have been reading the Shepherd Press Blog, which is chock full of great articles on biblical parenting. This one  was an especially great read. 

Being a mother is a very high calling. I am reminded daily that I can not do it in my own power, but that I need the Lord’s wisdom and strength. That through the lives of my children God may recieve more glory.

Michigan Visit

Last week we went to Michigan to visit my family and to meet my sister’s boyfriend, who was flying in from Washington. It was good to see our family and friends again, and we enjoyed getting to know Taylor. It’s exciting to see the Lord working in Jillian’s life and bringing her such a wonderful young man. I enjoyed the restful time with everyone else doting on the boys, and Isaac and Hudson enjoyed all the love and attention.




3x3 Hudson smile

Let Freedom Ring…

Happy Independence Day! We had a very nice day today, and hope that you did, also. This morning we took the boys down to the square in downtown Wausau to see a little childrens parade and then spent a few hours this afternoon with the Dack’s. We took a ride in their boat, such fun! Hudson was a bit scared, especially when we got going fast. But it must not have been too bad, because he fell asleep after a little while. 🙂 Isaac loved it. At first he was a little uncertain, but after riding for a bit he really enjoyed it. In fact he told Adam that we needed to get a boat like Mr. Dack’s.  “Daddy, you just need to go to the store and buy one!” he said.  🙂


Tonight we went to a nearby park to see some fireworks. But when they announced they weren’t starting them until 9:45, we decided to head home. Adam still had studying and preparing to do for tomorrow services, and I had preparations to do also. We try not to be out late on Saturday night’s so that we are fresh and ready for Sunday. So instead we just did a few sparklers with the boys at home.


What an awesome blessing it is to be able to raise our boys in this great country. May God continue to bless our land!