Defend Your Constitutional Rights – Vote!

My husband is an avid, and responsible, hunter. He takes advantage of his second amendment right to bear arms. He enjoys collecting and refinishing guns, and he also uses them to provide meat for our family. He also will be able to protect and defend his family should someone try to break into our home and harm us.

With election day coming quickly we will be given the opportunity to choose a candidate that will defend this constitutional right. Barack Obama is not that candidate. Obama has voted to prosecute people who use guns for self defense in their homes, he has voted to ban the sale of almost all hunting ammunition, he has voted to increase taxes on firearms and ammunition by 500%, and many more times has voted contrary to our second amendment. To check these facts and to see his voting record on guns check out


Follow-Up Post

If you read my husband’s post at FutureFaith this morning, quoting an article from our newspaper, be sure to read this follow-up post about his conversation with the author.

Who’s Going to Fix this Economy?

This article by Dave Ramsey is a good read.

Help for the Homemaker

If you try to shop frugally, and would love to know about good deals, then you need to check out Money Saving Mom. She has a great site with lots of help for those of us working hard at stretching our dollars.

The blessings are extra sweet on “these” kind of days…

Today was not my day. It started out after breakfast with cottage cheese all over – all over the fridge, all over the floor, all over me. So of course this led to clean up which took away valuable “get ready for church” time. Then after church we had a couple come to our house to get some boxes from us, but we couldn’t find our house key…after much searching we finally found it. I go in the house to make lunch (which was supposed to be in the crock pot, but wasn’t because I ran out of time after cleaning the cottage cheese out of my hair…), and find that my ground beef in the fridge was frozen. Why? I have no idea, but it was frozen. So, my sweet husband, offered to take us to Taco Bell instead. It was just one of those days were everything seems to go wrong.

BUT, even in the midst of my “Series of Unfortunate Events” type of day, the Lord gave us several blessings. So I thought I would share the blessings with you…

First, we had 30 people in church this morning! This is a good number for us, usually we run closer to 20-25. Four were first time visitors! This was exciting!

Secondly, a lady in the church brought in some books she had finished reading and wanted to pass them on to the rest of us at church. So I was able to get several, and look forward to some new reading in the coming weeks!

Thirdly, one of the older ladies in our church brought each of my boys a beautiful afghan this morning that she had crocheted for them. I thought that was really sweet.

Fourthly, my boys are a blessing. Tonight before church, because we were there quite early, Isaac pulled a chair up behind the podium so that he could “lead singing and preach.” He kept saying, “Okay, here’s the deal, I’m going to preach…” He would wave his arms and sing just like he was leading the singing. As people arrived at church they were getting a kick out of him. He was really adorable (see the picture at the end of this post). And Hudson was sitting on my lap watching Isaac and grinning at him the whole time. What a blessing it is to see my boys enjoy church!

And the last blessing that I will mention (since I do have numerous more blessings when I stop and consider!!!) is the blessing of fellowship. We had a lady from our church over tonight for dinner and some fellowship. She is very sweet, she is my age, but sadly, she and her husband are moving away! Her husband actually already is gone working his new job and she is still here until their house closes next week. So we had her over after church tonight….and we had such a nice time of fellowship.

So even though my morning consisted of some mishaps, I still have far more blessings to thank the Lord for!

Fall Fun

We had a great time tonight at our church activity. We went on a hayride, went through a corn maze, and roasted hotdogs and smores over a fire pit. Isaac had so much fun! It was a bit chilly, but we bundled up and enjoyed the evening together!

More Pics from my Family’s Visit

We had a great visit with my family this past week. Here are a few more pictures from their time with us.

Hudson Turns Nine Months

Yesterday our youngest, Hudson Riley, turned nine months old. Hudson is such a cutie! His favorite things right now are Mama, cheerios, outdoors, taking his socks off, and baths. But not necessarily in that order. 🙂 He loves his brother Isaac, but also can be quickly annoyed with him.

Last week Hudson began signing the word “please.” He most often signs it when he wants more cheerios. He also loves to clap when he gets excited about something. Yesterday he cut his third tooth. He says Mama, Dada, and today for the first time he started saying “Isaac.” That surprised us all, it was so plain it couldn’t be mistaken, and then with prompting he said it twice more. It was really cute!

We are so thankful for this sweet little boy that the Lord has given us.

Isaac’s Third Birthday

Isaac had quite a day yesterday! First thing we did was went to JCPenny’s and got his three year pictures taken. They turned out really great, I was so pleased. Then we walked around the mall a bit before heading home for lunch. After lunch it got a little exciting. We got a knock on the door and out side was a man that had been driving by and found a little boy, clothed only in his underwear, in our front yard. He thought he might belong to us. Of course he didn’t, but we had to call the police to let them know we had a lost child at our house. The grandma came around the corner just about then looking for her escaped child. The police officer showed up shortly after she arrived to take down names and such as is their protocol. Isaac is slightly fearful of police officers, why we are not sure, we always tell him they are good guys that help people obey the rules. So we told the officer he was afraid and he talked to him for a minute and shook his hand. Then we went on his way, as well as the little boy and his grandma. Just a few minutes later there was a knock on the door, and the police officer stood on our porch. He had a little bear that he wanted to give “the little boy who was scared of police officers.” Wasn’t that thoughtful?! Isaac loved the bear and keeps talking about how the police officer gave it to him.

My brother Andrew, who lives about two hours away, arrived that afternoon. After the boys naps, we went bowling. Isaac has never been bowling, and we thought this would be a special treat for him. He loved it! And, of course, was adorable as he bowled! 🙂 On the other hand, Hudson was scared to death of all the noise. Everytime a bowling ball would drop he would cry.

After bowling we came home and ate dinner, opened presents, and had birthday cake. Isaac really liked the birthday cake I made for him.

We ended the evening by watching “Monsters Inc.” and eating popcorn. Of course, Isaac was bouncing off the walls from the cake and all the excitement! 🙂

What a fun day we had with our three year old birthday boy!

Click on the picture to see it close up.

Enjoying our Visitors

We are having a great time with my family visiting us from Michigan. The boys are enjoying the extra attention, of course! Isaac’s birthday presents have been sitting on the floor in our bedroom since they arrived on Saturday, and he is often found standing near them looking down at them longingly! 🙂 He is so anxious for his birthday when he can open them. And tomorrow is the big day! I can hardly believe my baby is turning three years old tomorrow. Time cetainly does fly when you are having fun.

We got the boys pictures taken together this afternoon at Wal-Mart. They turned out SOOO cute! We had a great photographer and the boys did really well.

I am sure tomorrow I will have a bunch of pictures to share of the birthday festivities. So stay tuned!

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