He’s a Real Person Now {Finer Things Friday}

On Wednesday I was 28 weeks. Less than three months now until we meet our new little guy. And finally, we have settled on a name. Myles Haddon Jones. Now he seems more real. As soon as we started calling him by name I got more excited. Fell more in love. He’s a real person now. And hearing Isaac and Hudson call him by name is awfully sweet. Our baby boy now has a name, and that is a Finer Thing!


Good Reads for Mom’s

Here are a few good reads for mom’s from around the blogosphere. Some days being a mom can be grand, and some can it can be tiring and discouraging. I find it helps encourage me to read what other Christian mom’s have to say about this great calling we have of motherhood.

Motherhood is a Calling (And Where Your Children Rank)

Preparing My Heart for Motherhood

4 Things I’ve learned about God Through My Baby Who Was Born Blind

The Long View

The Gospel for Busy Moms

Brothers {Finer Things Friday}

Sometimes brotherly love looks like this:

And sometimes it looks like this:

Whether it’s a loving embrace or wrestling on my bed, having a brother is certainly a Finer Thing. And you know what’s an even Finer Thing?  Soon there will be a third brother!

After they started wrestling I came in and told them to stop. Hudson very sweetly looked at me and said, “But Mama, we are just playing!” So I remembered I am a Mama to boys that need to be boys, and so I let them continue  with one condition, “Wrestle gently, don’t hurt each other!” 🙂 And  a few minutes later from under the pillows I hear Isaac’s muffled voice, “I won’t hurt you, you’re my best friend.” And the Finer Things just keep on coming! 🙂

What I Do Have

Doing without is not the popular option these days. Bigger is better, they say. And most people seem to be pursuing after that American dream that includes those bigger and better things. But at what cost? Are those bigger and better things always best?

If you are a stay-at-home mom like me, you can likely relate with us and the things we don’t have. We don’t own a house. Yes, we really would like to. But at this time financially we aren’t able to do so. We have one vehicle. And it’s not brand new or very cool. It’s a minivan. We don’t have a boat. We don’t have cable. We don’t have a big screen tv or a blue ray player. We don’t have the newest cell phones or have internet on our phones. We  rarely eat out at fancy restaurants, and we don’t take expensive family vacations. We shop at thrift stores and garage sales, scour the ads on Craig’s List, and love hand-me-downs.

And to many in the world that list of “don’t have’s” might seem down right depressing. And to be honest, if I looked at it from the perspective of the world, then perhaps I also would see it as depressing. Instead I look at what I do have.

I have two beautiful little boys, with another on the way,  that I get to spend every day with. They have never been to daycare. I have been there for every first, every special moment, and been apart of every new discovery. I don’t have to worry about maternity leave, or getting a day off work for dentist appointments. I get to focus on them, not on an outside job. I get to make home cooked meals for my family each night, and we all sit down together to eat them. We do everything together. We can spend the day reading books, playing at the park, and making cookies. I have the opportunity to be with them, to teach them, to shape and influence them more than any other person on earth. I have the privilege of showing them that they are gifts from God, and more important to us that anything else in this world.

It is our choice that I stay home and care for our boys. And it is a choice we know God delights in. It is what He has called me to do, and I want to do it with a happy heart. Yes, there are days that “doing without” can be frustrating. But those are the days that I have neglected to keep my focus on what is truly important. So if you, like me, are a homemaker living on one income, keep that precious calling in focus. It’s not what we don’t have, it’s what we do have that really matters.

Washington: A Legacy of Leadership by Paul Vickery

Washington: A Legacy of Leadership focuses mainly on the military career of George Washington prior to his presidency. The author does a comendable job of showing how Washington’s time in the military as a leader prepared him for his job of president, both for himself and in the eyes of the people.

I appreciated the honest approach of the author in that he set forth the excellent character and skills of the man Washington, but yet also addressed his failures and weaknesses. Reading about his victories and his defeats made him more human, and showed how he was prepared better for future descisions and events.  His account of his rise through the military ranks, and the time spent serving in various places and posts was interesting and well written. Though I prefer a biography with plenty of personal and family history and details (which in this case is unlikely the fault of the author but more due to little being known about Washington’s early years), this book was far from boring. I enjoyed learning more about George Washington and thus more about the history of our nation.

Disclosure: I received this book free as part of the BookSneeze review program from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Picnic with Family {Finer Things Friday}

Friday evening picnic at the park with family. The long climb up the look out tower. Enjoying the beautiful place God has given us to live. All a Finer Thing!

The Taste of Summer

I love the change of the seasons and all the many things that includes. There is just something about the sunshine and warm weather that makes me head back to the cook books looking for some fun new recipe ideas. We have been grilling out quite a bit since we bought Adam a grill for Father’s Day, and we have landed upon a new marinade recipe that we love. I have used it on shrimp and venison steaks, but I am sure it would be fabulous on a variety of other meats. Along with the meats, I found a great veggie recipe for the grill that has become my new favorite side for the grill. Then there are those new baked beans….let’s just say “YUM!”. Even people who don’t normally like beans were scarfing down these beans at our last picnic. We also have been loving a new smoothie recipe lately, and just typing those words makes me want to run to the store get buy the ingredients! So I thought I would do a round-up of some of our favorite new summer recipe’s. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think. Enjoy!

Grilling Marinade

Grilled Broccoli & Cauliflower

Baked Beans with a kick

Strawberry Orange Julius 

Homemade Lemonade (I wasn’t crazy about this one, but my husband really liked it.)

Splish Splash

Hot summer days were made for little boys and water. The smiles, laughter, and wet little bodies are what make days like this extra sweet.

Celebrating Nine Years {Finer Things Friday}

Adam and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week by spending Monday and Tuesday ALONE. Now that is a Finer Thing! 🙂 My parents took the boys for two nights, and we spent nearly two whole days just being together. We slept in (certainly a Finer Thing!), we walked downtown and looked in a the little shops, we watched movies, we ate dinner out, we spent several hours reading at the bookstore while sipping on drinks from the cafe, and we just enjoyed being together. It was wonderful. And the most wonderful part is that I love this man more today than I did nine years ago.

And then Tuesday afternoon we went and picked up our boys. And that too, was a Finer Thing! 🙂