Boys were made for the outdoors!

The weather here the last week has been a bit of a mystery each morning when we wake up…warm one day, cold the next. The week before was wonderful weather and we got out in in every day. We walk every day after lunch if the weather allows, and we all enjoy that quite alot. That is one great thing about having Adam work at home, he’s there for lunch every day and goes with us on our walks. Twice last week we went down to a nearby park. How nice it’s been to be able to be outside after a long winter cooped up in the house. The boys just LOVE being outside!

Here are a few pictures of our recent adventures…


img_8774  img_8807

Daddy and Isaac checking out the good fishing spots…


Gotta remember to get Mama in some pictures too!


Hanging out on our front porch…

 img_8902  img_8890

Playing at the park can be hard work!


Sloppy Joes

Here at our house we love sloppy joes. I found this recipe a while back, and then tweeked it a bit to suit our taste better. It’s a tasty meal when you need something simple and quick!

1 lb. hamburger
1 small onion, chopped
1 tbsp. vinegar
1 tbsp. mustard
3/4 cup ketchup
1/2 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. brown sugar

Brown hambuger and onion. Drain. Mix in remaining ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes.


Camping Adventures

Last night Adam and Isaac made a “tent” and spent the night in it. It was cute to see Isaac so excited about this fun adventure. I started out sleeping in the tent with them, but after a while I headed back to my nice comfy bed and left them to their fun. 🙂 Adam said that during the night several times Isaac woke up and said to him, “Daddy, I love you! This is so fun!” 


Lots of freebies at Walgreens this week!

It was another great week at Walgreens! I made quite a few trips this week so I could roll my RR and grab lots of deals.

This is what I got: 6 bottles Sunsilk shampoo or conditioner, 2 Edge shaving Cremes, 2 Axe deotorant spray (4 ct. each), 2 Fiber Choice tablets (10 ct each), 2 mentos gums, 2 chapsticks True Shimmer lip balm, 4 colgate toothbrushes, 4 packs of Scunci hair bands, and 7 chocolate Easter eggs.


My grand total after Register Rewards was $2.91 including tax! Pretty good deal! 🙂

If you would like to learn how to find great deals like this, be sure to check out “frugal living” on my sidebar for some great sites to get you started.

Could we be any cuter?!




Easter Sunday

I trust that you had a great Easter Sunday celebrating our risen Saviour. We certainly did! We had seven visitors in our morning service, followed with a meal, and then an afternoon service. My brother, Andrew, came for our services and to spend some time in the afternoon with us. We always enjoy the times he is able to visit.

The morning was so busy with preparation for the meal at church that I forgot to get pictures of the boys all dressed up before church. 😦 I tried to get a few after we got home, but by then they were totally worn out and I didn’t get any good ones. But I did get pictures of them opening their Easter Baskets that evening. (I know, terrible parents making them wait all day for them! 🙂 But it was too busy in the morning and we wanted to be able to enjoy it!)


img_8631  img_8641  img_8654  img_8658

My deals from Walgreens this week

It was a pretty good week at Walgreens. This is what I purchased: 4 packs of diapers, 1 Revlon blowdryer, 1 Glade Lasting Impressions Plug-In, 3 Glade candles, 3 Glade Fragrance Collection soy candles, 3 Colgate toothpates, 1 Oust Air and Surface Sanitizer, 1 Skintimate shave creme, and 2 Edge Shave cremes.


My total after coupons and rebates was $26.76 (including tax).  My blowdryer recently died, so this blowdryer, which was $9.99 after RR’s, was a much needed purchase. I already have quite a few diapers stockpiled, but I couldn’t resist picking up a few more at $2.50 a pack. I had my gift card from last months rebates, so I used that and rolled my RR for very little out of pocket!

If you want to learn how to find great deals like these, check out “Frugual Living” on my sidebar for some great resources.

Need some inspiration in the kitchen?

Meal Planning Mommies  is a great place to find some recipe inspiration. I plan to use a few recipes from their site in my menu this coming week. I spotted quite a few delicious looking crock pot recipes, too!

Please Pray!

We have a family in our church from Australia. The Dacks are a wonderful family, and a vital part of our church. For six years they have been working on getting their green cards so that they can become citizens of this country. The government is not always the easiest to work with, and can be quite frustrating at times. They have recently been told they may be deported if their case isn’t resolved in the next few weeks.

I am asking you to please pray for this situation. They are a godly, tax paying, hard working family that desires to be citizens of our great nation. They have done everything they know to possibly do, and are now asking God to intervene and resolve this matter.

Please pray for the Dack family!!!!

Cheap Diapers at Walgreens this Week!

All you mom’s with little ones need to head to Walgreens for some cheap diapers this week! Walgreens has their store brand diapers on sale this week 2/$9.  $4.50 a package is a pretty good deal, but it gets better! Go back to the pharmacy and ask for the pharmacy coupon pamphlet. It’s a red flier with various health and beauty coupons. It includes a $2 off Walgreens diapers coupon. Use this at the check out and it will automatically take $2 off each pack of diapers that you buy. This makes them $2.50 per pack!

The coupon doesn’t expire until June, so be sure to save it. Its a Walgreens store coupon, so they don’t have to take it from you. I just hold out the booklet for them to scan the coupon, and then keep it for next time!

I already have a closet full of diapers from all the diaper deals over the past weeks, but I couldn’t pass up this great deal!

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