“A Lovely Lady”

Yesterday Adam received a call from an inmate at the jail who had suddenly been released. She needed some help getting a few places. She had been faithfully attending the ladies Bible Study that our church does each week in the local jail. Adam said he has seen her grow in  the Lord these past few months.  She has  an upbeat talkative personality and was so happy and thankful to be out. The four of us went and picked her up and took her a few places that she needed to go while she was waiting for a friend from out of state  to arrive to pick her up. Of course my boys turned on the charm and she several times exclaimed how cute and sweet they were. The first place she needed to go was to fill out some paperwork at the courthouse. We stayed in the van while she went in. As soon as she got out of the van and shut the door, Isaac said, “Mom, she is a lovely lady! I like her.”  

How sweet that a child can look upon a woman who has been through so much of what the world has to offer and only see what is in her heart.  As adults we tend to see the outside first. But what a blessing to hear my son, who is so innocent and pure, call this woman, beaten and battered by sin, “a lovely lady.”  That makes me smile.

1 Comment

  1. Val said,

    February 11, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Precious boy!

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