Settling In

We have been so busy unpacking boxes, putting furniture back together, and putting things in their place that I haven’t had much time to post. Our internet connection is not very strong and I have not been able to get pictures to upload. I will keep trying to get them up.

The house is finally starting to come together. There for a few days it was like walking through a maze, and it was a bit overwhelming. So far we really like the house, I just hate the fact there is no dining room and the table is quite squished here in the kitchen. But over all the house is great and I am really enjoying putting up our personal things and making it homey.

Adam has been busy hooking up appliances and putting furniture together. The church told him he has no responsibilities for the first two weeks. They want us to get settled in and unpacked before he startes preaching and his other pastoral duties. They are very thoughtful and have really treated us with much love and care.

The boys are adjusting well. Isaac likes our new house and has had fun “helping” us unpack and do things around the house. Hudson is as cute as always. He really loves his cheerios now, but has decided he does not like green beans. ūüôā

We are enjoying the beauty here in Wisconsin, and the people God has sent is to minister with. We are really excited about what the Lord has in store for us here.


We made it!

We have arrived in Wisconsin and so far everyone and everything seems to be in one piece! Our sweet church people were waiting for us when we arrived with dinner, groceries, fresh flowers and burning candles in our new house! What wonderful, loving people we have! And best of all they stayed and helped unload EVERYTHING from the truck and van. And what a big job that was!

I will try to post pictures soon of the past two days of moving out, and moving in. But for now we are wiped out and heading to bed. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us as we traveled!

One Last Time…

My grandma and I have been going grocery shopping, and out to lunch,¬†together each week for the past five years. Today was our last shopping trip together before we move. I can’t imagine grocery shopping without her! In fact, I can’t imagine what it will be like not to see her several times a week. Both of my boys have had the priveledge of having her, their great grandmother, just five minutes away for their entire lives. She is a very special part of our lives!

Tuesday is Moving Day!

The truck is reserved, we have boxes everywhere, and the walls are starting to look bare. The Jones family is getting ready to move! We will be waving farewell to Michigan next Tuesday morning and heading to Wisconsin to start our newest adventure. Though I am excited, I am starting to get a bit sad. We have lived in Michigan for the last five and a half years. Both of our boys have been born here. My family lives here and we have many good friends here. Starting a new chapter in life also means closing the last one. Sigh. I guess I better get back to packing those boxes before I turn this post into a tear fest!

Be sure to be looking for our moving truck on the road next Tuesday and wave farewell as we head north!

The Lord Provides!

We spent Monday and Tuesday driving all around Wausau looking for housing.¬†It was a long two days of searching. Tuesday evening we were at the end. We had looked at every house we had seen as a possibility.¬† We decided to head back to the Dack’s house (the family that we were staying with) and pack our things and head home. We would just have to let the Lord figure it out for us. As we were on our way back, we passed a brick house with a for rent sign. It wasn’t in the neighborhood at the top of our list, and the outside looked a bit run down, but we decided to stop and call anyway. So as I was calling, Adam got out to look in the window. Just as the owner was telling me about how he had just redone the entire inside of the house I saw Adam giving me a thumbs up from the front porch. When I asked the price of rent I heard a price that was lower than what we had found so far and fit in our budget! The next morning we went to see it, and the inside was¬†fresh and clean, and so cute! It will work just fine for us, and we know that it was the Lord working all things out in HIS timing! What a wonderful God we serve!

Below are pictures of the house and also a few others from our trip.

In Wisconsin

How wonderful it is to be back in Wisconsin with “our” people again! We are having such sweet fellowship, and enjoying getting to know these people better. God truly had given us a wonderful new church family to be a part of!

Tomorrow we go house hunting, so please remember us in¬† your prayers. I’ll try to keep you posted!

Back to Wisconsin!

Tomorrow morning we are heading back to Wisconsin to look for a house and a part time job for Adam. We are really looking forward to being with the church people again, and getting to know them better over these next few days. We are so excited that God has chosen us to minister with them and to them. I have never seen such a close knit church family, and I can’t wait to be there and be a part of it!

Please pray that we will be able to find a house that will fit what we need and also be affordable. Adam will have to have his church office in our home, so this is something we must consider when choosing a house. We also would like to have something suitable to having church gatherings, as the church does not have its own building, and it would be great if we had a home to use for such things. Adam will also look for leads on part time jobs. We would love to find something that will help support us, has hours that will allow him to still minister in his capacity as Pastor, and perhaps even have health insurance, as we do not have coverage right now.

All these things we could be anxious over, but instead we will simply leave them in the mighty hands of our great Father. I know He will care for us and give us what He knows we need!

Will try to keep you posted!

This Election: A Matter of Life or Death

Three Cheers for the “Hockey Mom”!

I am not¬†a John McCain enthusiast. Though I greatly respect and appreciate his service to our country. But after Sarah Palin’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention, I almost like John McCain, and I certainly find myself¬†liking¬†her. You can’t help but like the “hockey mom”. For many reasons, I think choosing Sarah Palin for VP was a stellar move on his part. For the first time I find I have some enthusiasm for this upcoming election. If you missed her speech you can read it here.

Oswald Chambers on Prayer

From Oswald Chambers’ If You Will Ask¬†:

“If we struggle in prayer it is because the enemy is gaining ground. If prayer is simple, it is because we have the victory. There is no such thing as a holiday for the beating of our hearts. If there is, the grave comes next. And there is no such thing as a moral or spiritual holiday. If we attempt to take a holiday, the next time we want to pray it is a struggle because the enemy has gained a victory all around. Darkness has come down and spiritual wickedness in high places has enfolded us. If we have to fight, it is because we have disobeyed.¬†We ought to be more than conquerors.”