Freezer Cooking Day

Tomorrow I am doing my very first freezer cooking day! If you frequent any of the frugal blogs I often mention, then I am certain you have read the buzz around the blogosphere about freezer cooking.  I have frozen a few things here and there, but never done a big planned out event. Tomorrow is the day! 🙂

A friend and I are getting together, at her house with no children, to give it a try. We each chose two recipes, her’s being ground beef meals and mine being chicken, and we purchased all the needed items for our chosen meals. We will be making pasties, lasagna, chicken tetrazzini, chicken enchilada’s, homemade rolls, apple cinnamon bread, and slab apple pie. The plan is for us each to have two of each.

Phew! The list looks a little daunting (and I need to be home by 3:00!), but with two of us working together I think it will go pretty smoothly.  And it should be fun!

Most of all I am looking forward to having eight meals in the freezer!  Has anyone else been doing freezer cooking days? Please share your tips and recipes!

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  1. tascha piatt said,

    February 13, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    i did a couple days (little each day) toward the end of my last pregnancy and it helped us (me) not have to cook ANYTHING for about 3 weeks after i came home with the baby. since we have only the freezer attatched to our fridge, there is little room to put much more than that in there – but i often make double batches of spaghetti sauce and different soups and freeze half to get out a couple weeks later – LOVE THAT 🙂 have fun!!

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