Family Pictures 2011

My mom took our family pictures this week….and it was a bit chilly at 38 degrees! But we didn’t let a little cold stop us! We had been waiting for Myles to be born so we could have him in the picture….and we just haven’t gotten around to it until now. I think we had the world’s fastest family photo shoot because we were in a hurry due to the cold. We wore our coats and took them off  just before the picture, and inbetween each pose we put Myles in his carseat and bundled him in to keep warm while my mom got situated and got everyone posed. We only took four different poses in less than 20 minutes, but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out! Thanks to my mom for taking them!


Family {Finer Things Friday}

Today my sister, Katie, stopped by our house and took Hudson grocery shopping with her.

Last week my grandma held a sweet sleeping Myles for probably close to two hours.

Every Wednesday my mom comes and does school with Isaac.

My sister Katie, and brother-in-law Aaron come over every Sunday night after church for dinner at our house.

Tomorrow I will be a hunting widow as my hubby heads to the woods for opening day of gun season. But the boys and I will be spending the afternoon at my mom and dad’s house.

Sometimes my dad stops by our house unannounced when we he’s in town and has a few minutes to spare.

Tonight Adam and I and the boys when out to Applebee’s for dinner with Katie and Aaron.

Every Tuesday my grandma and I go grocery shopping together.

Having family around is a Finer Thing!

Brotherly Love {Finer Things Friday}

“He is so stinkin’ cute!”

“I can’t resist him!”

“Our baby is so cute!”

“I just can’t stop lovin’ on him!”

“Can I give him just one more kiss?”

“Can I hold the baby?”

I hear these phrases, and many more, from my three year old and six year old all day long. They love their baby brother. Brotherly love  is  a Finer Thing

Thank you, Veterans!