Please pray for the Dack family!

In a previous post I asked you to pray for the Dack family, part of our church family. Since moving here from Australia six years ago, they have been trying to get their green card. They were told this week that they have been denied! This is a very serious situation, and I ask you to please join us in prayer. They have already begun the appeal process, and are searching out what other options and helps they can find.

This family is a vital part of our church, and very dear friends to us. Please pray for them in this difficult time, and for God’s will to be accomplished. Even if you do not know them, I know it would encourage them if they knew others were praying. If you would like to leave a comment, I will certainly pass on the encouragements to them.

Thank you for your prayers!


A week with family

My family came up this week for a visit. My sister Jillian is home for the summer from college, so she was able to come for the first time. We had a great time while they were here, and I wanted to share some pictures of the week.

It was quite a full house, especially at meal time…

Fam dinner

Isaac was so happy to see his Aunt JuJu…



What do you think about my new hair? 🙂


Starting the project….


a little help from Isaac…


The finished product!


How about some free diapers?!

I have been participating in a diaper study, and wanted to pass on the info to you moms. I am just now finishing up my second study. The first study I was sent three packages of diapers, containing about 20 diapers per package. After finishing each pack you fill out a questionnaire on your opinion of the diapers. Then at a pre-scheduled time, they will call and ask you your answers to the questionnaire. The phone call takes less than five minutes. Then they will send you a $10 check for participating!

The first set of diapers I was not very impressed with, but I can’t complain – they were free. But the second set I have just finished using were really good and I was very impressed with them. Plus, I should be getting two $10 checks in the mail in the next few weeks! So about 80 free diapers and $20 – not a bad deal!!!

If you would like to participate go here for all the info.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

The sweetest gift I received yesterday was hearing my three year old son tell his little brother, “Hudson, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Do it, okay?!”

Just in case you are heading out for a last minute Mother’s Day gift…

Biblically Training our Children

Here is a good read on training our children God’s way.

“Experiencing God’s Peace” by Elizabeth George

02899_1_ftc_dpOur Ladies Bible Study is always such an encouraging and enjoyable time.  We meet once a month in my home and enjoy refreshments, fellowship, prayer and most of all a wonderful time gleaning from God’s Word.

Right now we are going through the Bible Study book “Experiencing God’s Peace” by Elizabeth George. The study is based on the book of Philippians. Every lesson if full of wonderful gems from the Bible that is so applicable to us as women. This study has been such a help and blessing to us!

If you are looking for a Bible study, whether for personal Bible study or a group study, I highly recommend this book.

For all you couponers…

Here is a great post written by the husband of a frugal coupon stockpiling wife. It gave me a good laugh! If you are into couponing, I’m certain you will enjoy reading it, too!

A day spent with friends…a good day indeed!

Monday we spent the day with our good friends, Dana and Andrew and their two boys. We met at a small zoo halfway between, and then they came back to our house and spent the evening with us. Isaac and Hudson enjoyed the zoo, and also playing with Drew and Gabe. Both Isaac and Hudson are enamored with baby Gabe. It’s sweet to see them love on him and talk to him!

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors, and being with friends made it even better! 





I think I’m addicted to Walgreens…

I think I made four or five trips to Walgreens this week, the deals were just so good, I couldn’t stay away!  I even have my sister, Katie, shopping the deals at Wags!

This is what I got this week: 4 bottles of Nivea body wash, 2 bottles of TRESemme’, 3 bottles of Suave shampoo for men, 6 bottles of Suave shampoo for kids, 1 got2b smoothing hair lotion, 1 got2b hair mousse, 2 (4 ct. each) packs of Bic Soliel razor refills, 4 pkgs Bayer Quick release crystals, 1 Rembrant toothpaste, 2 Rembrant mouthwashes, 2 cans of Campbells tomato soup, 1 candy braclet, 1 bottle of green tea, 1 chocolate truffle, and 1 candy egg (those last items were used as fillers and peace offerings to my husband home with the boys. They are not all pictured because they had already been consumed 🙂 ).


My total after coupons and register rewards was $10.20 including tax.

The Nivea body wash, Bayer Crystals, and Rembrant toothpaste and mouth wash were all free after register rewards. The Nivea and Bayer were actually money makers with coupons. That’s always great when they pay you to buy stuff! 🙂 The Suave shampoo’s were about 42 cents each, the soups 9 cents each, the Tresemme $1.50 each, razor refill were $1.50 each, and the got2b products were 50 cents each.

What a great week! If you would like to see how to find great deals like these, be sure to check out “frugal living” on my sidebar for some helpful recources.