Six Years and Counting

Today is our six year wedding anniversary. In these six years of marriage Adam and I have experienced so many wonderful things together. We have lived in two states, made five different dwellings homes, served in two different churches, and had two beautiful sons. The Lord has blessed us with much. As we celebrate these six years we find ourselves at a major crossroads in our life. And only God knows where the path ahead leads. Six years ago today our adventure began, and we are still enjoying the journey together!


Hudson’s Newest Accomplishment

Hudson conquered rolling from his back to belly yesterday. Adam, Isaac, and I cheered him on as he performed this feat for the first time. As you can see in this picture he was quite proud of himself!


And God Shut the Door

It is with some disappointment, but with complete peace, that we find God has closed the door for us at Hershey Baptist in Nebraska. Though we found the area to be beautiful, and loved the people there, we had differences that will not allow us to minister there. We truly enjoyed our time there and will pray that the Lord will continue to work in that church and provide them with a pastor.

Now we find ourselves at the feet of our Saviour, asking for His provision and guidance. We are very unsure of the future, even unsure of tomorrow, but we know our God is very sure, and we will trust Him to care for us.

Thank you to all who have been praying with us as we seek for the ministry God has for us. We ask that you continue your prayers on our behalf!

Philippians 1:6

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: “

Did you know…

Did you know that even if you don’t put all the butter in your chocolate chip cookies they will still turn out fine?!  Yesterday afternoon I made chocolate chip cookies. I remember putting in half the butter it called for, but the rest (about four more tablespoons) was hard, so I put it in the microwave to soften it.

This morning when I went to use the microwave I found the butter still in there.

Oh well, the cookies tasted fine. 🙂

A Very Emotional Sprinkler

This morning as we were getting ready to leave for church Isaac asked me, “Mama, I take my spiderman sprinkler to church with me?” I said, “No, Isaac, it has to stay here.” Isaac replied, “Mama, it will cry!”

Lazy Summer Days

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day here in Michigan. We had a slight shower pass through in the afternoon and that cooled things down to make for a great sunny, but not too warm evening. My parents had a cookout at their house and invited us, along with a few  friends from Prairie. Isaac especially had a great time. I had to make him come eat at one point, because each time I would ask him if he was ready to eat he would say, “No, I’m playing!” and off he would run with his pal Jacob Long.

He and Jacob playing in his Spiderman Sprinkler and had a great time. Isaac was a bit of a chicken though, and wouldn’t go too close or get very wet. But he had the time of his life running around and around it just getting the edge of the sprinkles. As you can see in some of these pictures nearly everyone took their turn running through the sprinkler with him! 🙂


Celebrating 1000 Hits

This blog has now had 1000 visits! Thank you to all of you who have been keeping up with our family. I always appreciate the notes and comments I receive. I have found that I love blogging and enjoy being able to share little slivers of our life with you.

In celebration of 1000 hits, here is a short poem for your pleasure. 🙂

Friends and Enemies       

He who has a thousand friends
Has not a friend to spare,
While he who has one enemy
Shall meet him everywhere.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chubby Babies and Good Friends

This morning was Hudson’s five month check-up. He was found to be happy, healthy, and a nice plump 20.5 pounds! 🙂

Then we took off to Grand Rapids to meet our good friends Nick and Jenn for lunch. They were down from Houghton Lake for the afternoon and we were so happy to be able to spend some time with them. Jennifer and I have known eachother since birth, and have been close friends our whole lives. We were in eachother’s weddings, which were only a couple weeks apart. Also, Jenn is expecting their fourth child!

After lunch Adam and I decided to make the most of being in Grand Rapids and took the boys to the mall. Isaac loves the mall, especially if there is a kids play area! 🙂

What a nice day we had! Hope yours was wonderful, too!


America the Beautiful

We arrived home from Nebraska on Tuesday evening, after a very enjoyable, but busy weekend at Hershey Baptist Church. To those of you who keep asking, well, we still are uncertain. We are fervently seeking God’s will in this matter and covet your prayers on our behalf. Not all things were as we expected, but perhaps God desires us to minister to the unexpected. We are simply waiting to hear His voice, and know His peace.

We loved the western part of the country and found Nebraska to be very beautiful. You could see forever, and then some. There were more cattle and horses than people. One evening while in the local Wal-Mart Adam and I had to share a smile at the two gentlemen in front of us checking out – cowboy boots, blue jeans, big belt buckles, plaid shirts and big stenson hats. And that was not an unusual sight out there.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful scenery near the area around the town of Hershey.


Adam was excited to see the wild life in the area. Above is a mule deer doe, and below a male and female pheasant.

Is not the handiwork of our God a beautiful sight to behold?


Saturday in Nebraska

Saturday morning we took time to explore and sight see around the area a bit. We first went to Fort Cody right near our hotel. Isaac especially loved the “Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in Miniature” . Then we went to the Nebraskaland Days ethnic festival, which was lots of historical things from Nebraska’s past. Later that evening we had a picnic with the church members, which was a wonderful time of fellowship. The people here have a very wonderful spirit, and true desire to learn and grow. We have found some issues that we differ on, and have had quite a lot of discussion concerning these things. We are leaving it in God’s hands, and leaving it to Him to work in their hearts concerning these matters if He wants us here. They have expressed how very much they love Adam and know that he would be a great man to lead them. We truly feel a connection with these people, and are refreshed at so many with sincere desires to grow. It certainly would be a ministry of teaching and training. Please continue your prayers for us!

We had a long, but fun day. Hudson has been an angel, the church people have even asked if he ever cries because he has been so sweet and happy. Isaac has been having the time of his life with all the new fun things, new toys every place we go, and of course lots of people to dote on him! 🙂

Here are some pictures from our day.

Isaac enjoying the miniature Wild West Show.

The railroad is very big around here. Many of the church members work on, or have retired from the railroad. Here is Isaac exploring a train car at the ethnic festival.

Isaac made fast friends with this little girl his age and had a blast driving around in this four wheeler while visiting at their home.

This is the parsonage. It is beautiful inside, and even has a room for scrap booking! 🙂

This is a church members home where we had the church picnic. The country out here is very beautiful. You can see forever it seems.

Ready for a good nights sleep after a long day!

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