Today is Election Day!

Today is election day! This morning I am thanking the Lord that I live in this country where I actually CAN vote, where the people have a say in the government. What a great privilege – and responsibility. Be sure to take your responsibility seriously and get out to vote today!

When all is said and done, we can rest assured that God is in control. What a comforting thought!


Defend Your Constitutional Rights – Vote!

My husband is an avid, and responsible, hunter. He takes advantage of his second amendment right to bear arms. He enjoys collecting and refinishing guns, and he also uses them to provide meat for our family. He also will be able to protect and defend his family should someone try to break into our home and harm us.

With election day coming quickly we will be given the opportunity to choose a candidate that will defend this constitutional right. Barack Obama is not that candidate. Obama has voted to prosecute people who use guns for self defense in their homes, he has voted to ban the sale of almost all hunting ammunition, he has voted to increase taxes on firearms and ammunition by 500%, and many more times has voted contrary to our second amendment. To check these facts and to see his voting record on guns check out

Follow-Up Post

If you read my husband’s post at FutureFaith this morning, quoting an article from our newspaper, be sure to read this follow-up post about his conversation with the author.

Who’s Going to Fix this Economy?

This article by Dave Ramsey is a good read.

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