32 Weeks

These last few weeks I haven’t been keeping up on this blog very well. But then again, I have also been catching myself putting the milk in the pantry and the laundry in the garbage. I just blame it on pregnancy brain. 🙂

I am now 32 weeks along. We are all getting pretty excited to meet our new little guy. I have been working on the baby’s room, and just have a few more things to do before it is finished. The little guy has very few new things, as everything from bedding to clothing has been handed down from Isaac, to Hudson to him. So I am trying to add a few new little decorating touches to make it just for him. Isaac and Hudson ask me almost daily “how many more weeks until the baby is born?”.  When I tell them, Hudson’s standard reply is, “I want it to be two weeks!” as he holds up two little fingers to make his point. Isaac is excited to hold him and help take care of him. Hudson is always telling me different things he is going to teach the new baby. Their excitement is precious and I pray that they will love and adore their little brother.

Adam and I are getting pretty excited to have a baby in the house again. Isaac will turn six right around the time Myles is born, and Hudson will turn four three months later. So it’s going to be quite an adjustment to have a baby in the house again. And we are so ready for it! 🙂 Even if it means less sleep, more work, less freedom, and far crazier days. We just can’t wait to hold this little guy in our arms!

I’m still feeling good. Experiencing the normal aches and pains associated with pregnancy, but nothing terrible. I do find myself quite exhausted nearly every evening. I don’t remember being quite this worn out with my other pregnancies, but then again I didn’t have two other boys to keep me busy either! 🙂 But I do enjoy being pregnant, and experiencing this awesome miracle of carrying another little life inside of me. Myles is quite an active little guy, and I love feeling every movement  – even if it’s keeping me awake just a bit longer at night! 🙂

Less than eight weeks now until my due date. My “to do before baby comes” list is slowly growing shorter, and our excitement and anticipation  is quickly growing greater. We can’t wait to meet our little Myles Haddon!

Here we are at 32 weeks. As you can see we are growing! 🙂


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