20 weeks and counting!

I am 20 weeks along today and Friday is the big ultrasound! People ask us if we will find out the gender, and yes, we will. I am not patient enough to wait another 20 weeks! 🙂 We like to pick out a name, and start planning for our new little one. And with garage sale season upon us, I like to find good deals, too! Of course everyone assumes we want a girl since we have two boys. And yes, we would like a girl. Thinking about buying pink makes me smile. But then I think about the two little boys I have already given birth too, and well, having another little baby boy makes me smile, too! So whatever way God decides to bless our family, we will be happy and content. He does all things well, and we are happy in that!

As for the ultrasound on Friday, we are all pretty excited. We are taking the boys with us, and they are looking forward to that. Isaac is especially excited! And if this little one cooperates, I will probably share our good news later that day.

Until then, we are enjoying this nice summer weather that has finally arrived. Hope you are, too!


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