I’m back in the land of the living!

Shortly after my last post the pregnancy sickness hit me full force as I expected. Thus the reason for the two month long silence here on the blog. I spent most of my time on the couch with a bucket nearby! 🙂 But, with my new doctor, this time around has been quite different. I was sick till about 16 weeks with both my other pregnancies and expected to endure the same with this one. But this doctor told me there was no need to suffer and that they were very concerned about me getting dehydrated. So after about five weeks of being sick, and loosing five pounds, I started taking some medicine specifically for nausea and vomitting. Wow. I felt human again! I still felt  some nausea, but it wasn’t anything like before, and it pretty much stopped the vomitting. I still had trouble being near food  and the smells and such, but at least I could eat something and keep it down.

I will be 15 weeks tomorrow, and I can feel the nausea lessening. I still take the medicine, but I can sometimes go a little longer inbetween doses now, and I can even cook and clean without getting terribly sick. Hooray! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂

Another new thing with this doctor was that we were able to have an ultrasound at 12 weeks! With my boys we only had the one ultrasound at 19 weeks. But seeing our baby at 12 weeks was a special and wonderful treat indeed! It amazed me that even at 12 weeks how our little one was formed so perfectly and moving all about. What a wonderful Creator we have!

Here is our little guy or girl at 12 weeks:

At 20 weeks we will have our ultrasound where we can find out the gender. And YES we will find out the gender! Everyone has been asking us that. We are not patient enough to wait. And I like to shop and plan! 🙂

The boys are really enjoying this pregnancy, too. Each week we look at my “Your Pregnancy Week by Week” book to find out how the baby is growing. Isaac is especially interested in hearing all about his development. And they love to hug, kiss, and talk to my belly. 🙂 It’s been so fun to talk with them about the baby and have them understand and get excited, too. When I got pregnant with Hudson, Isaac was only 18 months old, so he didn’t really understand. But sharing the excitement this time has been awesome.

I’m now getting to the fun stage of pregnancy. Soon I will be feeling the baby move, start to look pregnant in the next couple months, and finding out the gender! Love it! I love being pregnant after the sick part is over! 🙂


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