What’s Your World View?

“The extent of a newborn’s world is himself/herself. The circle of the infant’s concern is what makes him/her feel good. The infants cry signals the others in his/her life to come change, feed, burp, or hold – now. The sad truth is that for many people their world view circle never gets much larger. Their socialization experiences my help them handle it with a little more sophistication, but basically their world view is “what works for me.” This pitifully shallow approach to life leads to emptiness and despair. The cry of this infant world view is “Come into my world and make me happy”  –  a definite deterrent to healthy relationships. When a person is saved by God’s grace and begins to understand the magnitude of His sovereignty, the “my” world view is replaced by a Biblical world view.  Growth in the grace and knowledge of God pushes the circle out to encompass His sovereign plan for His world. We see ourselves, our circumstances, and our relationships as a part of His divine plan. So our approach changes from “Come into my world and make me happy,” to “Father, show me how to go into Your world and glorify You.” The effect on a relationship is a switch from wanting you to serve me to a desire to serve God through the relationship.”

 – Susan Hunt from Biblical Mothering


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