July Book Reviews

“Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God”  by Lisa Tatlock and Pat Ennis

Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God: A Guide to Developing Your Biblical Potential

Very Biblical and practical, this book is a great read for any woman. Even those who are single. While much of it deals with marriage or family, there is specific parts dedicated to the unmarried woman. The authors tackle various subjects  related to womanhood, all in a very practical manner. This would be especially great for a woman who is engaged or newly married.

Some of the topics include various aspects of home management, Biblical stewardship,  Biblical hospitality, contentment, our position in the Body of Christ, developing a proper worldview, and discipling and mentoring other women.

I very much enjoyed reading this book, and have already lent it out to my sister who is soon to be married.

“Survivor” by Tania Kauppila

Survivor: A woman's search for peace

I love autobiographies, and this one I couldn’t put down. The author was a young russian girl during World War I. At the age of twelve she was forced to leave her family and go labor in a German work camp. She recounts her time in the work camp, and the horrifying conditions and hardships she endured. She was from a Christian family, but she herself did not know God at this point in her life. Her story continues after the war, and she writes of moving to the United States and of her conversion to Christ.

This was a sad but beautiful story. The sad part came from the sin of man, the beautiful part from God who “meant it for good” in her life. Truly an enjoyable book to read.

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