Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Adam and I desire that our boys be well-rounded and well taught on many subjects. One area  we plan to encourage them to apply themselves  and work to be accomplished in is  music. Next year the plan is for Isaac to start taking piano lessons, and then in the years ahead we would like him to try his hand at several other instruments.

As parents this is something we felt we should lead by example. I played the piano as a child and teenager…but after getting married and having little time or access to a piano much of what I learned has fallen back to some long-lost place in my mind. 🙂 Adam can play a bit on the guitar and also played the trumpet some in highschool. So though we have some music background we do not feel as though we have truly applied ourselves or accomplished ourselves in the area of music.

Thus the insane idea. We have decided to take up a new instrument. Adam is now the proud owner of a viola, and I of a violin. Yep. We bought them so we would be totally committed. Oh dear. What in the world was I thinking? !


Later today we are meeting with the lady who will be teaching us. Big gulp. I am actually pretty excited about learning to play the violin, but I know it’s going to be a big challenge. Especially at this point in my life.

Without a doubt, I need the Lord’s help with this new endeavor! But we are looking forward to when we  will be able to use these instruments to minister at church and in other areas.

Now, if I could just snap my fingers and make it sound as pretty as it looks….


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