My Walgreen Deals

I couldn’t stay away from Walgreens this week! 🙂 The deals were so great that I stopped in several times during the week and did a couple transactions each time so I could roll those register rewards!

This is what I purchased: 5 Vasaline lotions, 2 Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioners, 1 box of dishwashing soap, 2 Gillette Fusion razor’s, 3 pkgs. Emergen-C, 1 pkg. dental picks, 2 Theraflu,  2 toothbrushes, 2 chapsticks, 5 pkgs. Halls cough drops, 1 potato peeler, 1 Lightening McQueen watch, 1 mini highlighter, 1 aftershave lotion,1 pencil, and 1 lip gloss. (those last few things were clearance items I picked up for fillers.)


My total after register rewards was $6.58 (including tax).

Be sure to check out “Frugal Living” on my sidebar for help in learning how to find great deals like this.

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