Let Freedom Ring…

Happy Independence Day! We had a very nice day today, and hope that you did, also. This morning we took the boys down to the square in downtown Wausau to see a little childrens parade and then spent a few hours this afternoon with the Dack’s. We took a ride in their boat, such fun! Hudson was a bit scared, especially when we got going fast. But it must not have been too bad, because he fell asleep after a little while. 🙂 Isaac loved it. At first he was a little uncertain, but after riding for a bit he really enjoyed it. In fact he told Adam that we needed to get a boat like Mr. Dack’s.  “Daddy, you just need to go to the store and buy one!” he said.  🙂


Tonight we went to a nearby park to see some fireworks. But when they announced they weren’t starting them until 9:45, we decided to head home. Adam still had studying and preparing to do for tomorrow services, and I had preparations to do also. We try not to be out late on Saturday night’s so that we are fresh and ready for Sunday. So instead we just did a few sparklers with the boys at home.


What an awesome blessing it is to be able to raise our boys in this great country. May God continue to bless our land!

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