Five minutes of fishing

Adam has been talking about taking Isaac fishing for quite a while, and so yesterday they decided it was a great day for it.  Isaac was so excited. So much so, that he had a hard time sleeping for his nap because we had told him we would go after nap. He’d only been in bed about 10 minutes when he came downstairs and said, “I woke up! Now can we go fishing!?” 🙂

After the boys real nap, we headed out. Isaac was beside himself with excitement.  When we got to the fishing spot, Adam cast Isaac’s line out and was showing him how to fish. But after a minute or two Isaac started asking, “Where is the fish? How come we aren’t catching a fish?”  Then after about five more minutes of not catching anything, he got bored and came over to play with Hudson and I. And that was enough fishing for him! 🙂

So Adam fished for a while longer and then we had a little picnic dinner before heading back home.

On the way home Isaac said to Adam, “Thank you for taking me fishing, daddy. That was so fun!” Adam and I just laughed. At least he enjoyed all of those five minutes of fishing! 🙂


IMG_9414     IMG_9430

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