I think I’m addicted to Walgreens…

I think I made four or five trips to Walgreens this week, the deals were just so good, I couldn’t stay away!  I even have my sister, Katie, shopping the deals at Wags!

This is what I got this week: 4 bottles of Nivea body wash, 2 bottles of TRESemme’, 3 bottles of Suave shampoo for men, 6 bottles of Suave shampoo for kids, 1 got2b smoothing hair lotion, 1 got2b hair mousse, 2 (4 ct. each) packs of Bic Soliel razor refills, 4 pkgs Bayer Quick release crystals, 1 Rembrant toothpaste, 2 Rembrant mouthwashes, 2 cans of Campbells tomato soup, 1 candy braclet, 1 bottle of green tea, 1 chocolate truffle, and 1 candy egg (those last items were used as fillers and peace offerings to my husband home with the boys. They are not all pictured because they had already been consumed 🙂 ).


My total after coupons and register rewards was $10.20 including tax.

The Nivea body wash, Bayer Crystals, and Rembrant toothpaste and mouth wash were all free after register rewards. The Nivea and Bayer were actually money makers with coupons. That’s always great when they pay you to buy stuff! 🙂 The Suave shampoo’s were about 42 cents each, the soups 9 cents each, the Tresemme $1.50 each, razor refill were $1.50 each, and the got2b products were 50 cents each.

What a great week! If you would like to see how to find great deals like these, be sure to check out “frugal living” on my sidebar for some helpful recources.


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