How exciting to see God at work!

Our little church has been seeing God’s working in a big way. In just these past two weeks we have seen new visitors every Sunday, yesterday we had three visitors, and the Sunday before we had eleven visitors! Each day it seems the Lord gives some neat encouragment to show us that He is blessing us.

This afternoon we were at the store picking up a few things, and a man walked by us and recognized Adam, so they began talking. This man also has ministered at the same jail that our church ministers at, and Adam and he have talked when they have been waiting to meet with the inmates. As they talked he told Adam that they had just left their church this week due to some biblical issues, and were now looking for a church. He asked our service times and said that he and his wife would be coming to visit. How wonderful that the Lord put us there at that very moment!

Then shortly after we got home we received a phone call from a church member telling us of serveral other visitors planning to attend our Wednesday Bible Study.

How exciting it is when God blesses the faithfulness of His church!

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  1. Tascha said,

    March 25, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    HEY April…
    You are tagged… see my blog for details…

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