Five Random Tidbits from Our Day

1. This morning we took the boys to the library. They both love going to the library. Isaac has been asking for the past several day to go, so today we went.

2. This afternoon I had to tell Isaac that he was not allowed to take reeds from my diffuser to use as a sword. AHHH, boys!

3. Hudson has decided that he no longer likes eating baby food. The only food he wants is whatever we “big people” are eating.

4. We had church Bible Study at our house tonight.  Bible study is always a wonderful time together. We are a small group, so usually everyone prays in turn. It’s encouraging to hear those prayers. We also love to fellowship! The last person didn’t leave nearly 10:00!

5. It’s FREEZING here! The forcast is saying to expect negative 25 degrees tonight and tomorrow! All the schools around here have already cancelled for tomorrow. I’m planning to stay inside where it’s warm!!!


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