Plenty to be Thankful for…

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very nice visit with my family. We truly had over flowing blessings to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Here are a few picture highlights of our Thanksgiving and visit with my family.

andrew-hudson  p1000020

Andrew came over from OshKosh, WI, and Katie flew in from Tennessee. It was so nice to have them both here! We don’t get to see Katie as often as we would like.


We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Dack’s house. Our good friends Dana and Andrew also joined us. We had a full, and cozy houseful!


The Lord gave Adam a deer the day after Thanksgiving. I also went hunting early in the morning, but my prize happened to be found at Wal-mart and JCPenny. 🙂


Taking Katie back to the airport

img_7360  img_7355

Getting good family pictures with two little ones is interesting…My mom took these for us.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving also!

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