The Lord Provides!

We spent Monday and Tuesday driving all around Wausau looking for housing. It was a long two days of searching. Tuesday evening we were at the end. We had looked at every house we had seen as a possibility.  We decided to head back to the Dack’s house (the family that we were staying with) and pack our things and head home. We would just have to let the Lord figure it out for us. As we were on our way back, we passed a brick house with a for rent sign. It wasn’t in the neighborhood at the top of our list, and the outside looked a bit run down, but we decided to stop and call anyway. So as I was calling, Adam got out to look in the window. Just as the owner was telling me about how he had just redone the entire inside of the house I saw Adam giving me a thumbs up from the front porch. When I asked the price of rent I heard a price that was lower than what we had found so far and fit in our budget! The next morning we went to see it, and the inside was fresh and clean, and so cute! It will work just fine for us, and we know that it was the Lord working all things out in HIS timing! What a wonderful God we serve!

Below are pictures of the house and also a few others from our trip.


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