Enjoying Wisconsin

We arrived in Wausau, Wisconsin about 4:00 Saturday. It was about a seven and a half hour drive, including the two stops we made. The area here is very beautiful. Reminds me alot of northern Michigan, up by the Houghton Lake area where we always took the kids to camp. We are staying in a very nice hotel, and of course Isaac was thrilled that they have a pool! So we took the boys swimming last night and we all enjoyed that. 

Today we met the church people and Adam preached Sunday School and Sunday AM this morning. We have really enjoyed the people, small group that they are. The church does not own it’s own building, but rents a few rooms in the YWCA here in town. After church we had a dinner fellowship and we had a great time talking to the people and getting to know them better. There is a family here from Australia, and they have the greatest accents!

Adam is now heading off to a meeting with the Pulpit Search Committe, and then will be preaching the evening service also. Then afterwards we have more food and fellowship with the church people! 🙂

We really like the area and have really gotten on well with the people. There is a good range of ages from newly married couples to older couples. No little children, but there are a couple teenagers. There is much potential for growth and we are excited about the possibility that the Lord may have this place for us. There is a sweet older lady here in the church that has already told Adam that she is “for him!” and hopes he comes. 🙂

Please keep us in your prayers, and I will be sure to post updates as I am able!


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