Home Again

Our travel weary family returned home last night about midnight. There is something so sweet about sleeping in your own bed after being away! But we did have a wonderful time visiting the Boomershine’s in Tennessee. And for those of you who know Chrissy, you know that she was a wonderful and thoughtful hostess caring for every little need we may have had.

Here is Karsten holding Hudson. He was a little bigger than Karsten was expecting! 🙂

Here are Knox and Hudson. They are exactly one week apart, Hudson is the older.


Saturday morning we went to Centenial Park in Nashville. I had forgotten how hot and humid it gets in the south! Even though it was dreadfully hot, we had a great time, and I got some good pictures of our adventures.


Saturday afternoon Isaac started running a fever and was feeling pretty sick. Later that night Ryan started feeling ill. So Sunday Chrissy stayed home with both Ryan and Isaac, while Adam and I took Hudson and their three older boys to church with us. Normally I wouldn’t want to leave Isaac when he is sick, but he loves Chrissy and I knew he would be just fine with her doting on him.

We left Sunday afternoon to head home. Isaac slept alot of the ride home. This morning he woke up doing much better, so thankfully he seems to be on the mend.

Thank you to Ryan and Chrissy, and the Gages, for a great weekend!

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