A Frog Where?

Kids are funny sometimes. Especially two year olds. Yesterday morning my dad went into town and asked to take Isaac along with him. Isaac was, of course, thrilled to go in the big van with Papa and the boys. Sometime during their excursion my dad had to clear his throat and Isaac asked what was wrong. My dad told him that he had a frog in his throat.

Fast forward a few hours…we took Isaac and Hudson over to the park here in Climax. Isaac was drinking some water and choked on it a little bit. He said to us, “I have a frog in my mouth.” 🙂 Then he proceeded to act as though he was spitting on the ground. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was spitting the frog out! 🙂

He just makes me smile!

Here are a few pictures of our park adventure yesterday. Both our boys love the outdoors. The weather was wonderful yesterday and we took advantage of that. We also got a little surprise visit from our dear Jamie while we were at the park. Isaac was so happy to see “MiMi” (or maybe it’s all the treats she always gives him!).



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