The Coming Adventure

We have been having some very intense weather here the last few days. Rain, thunder, and lightening galore. We have even been under several tornado warnings and watches. Isaac is quite concerned about the thunder, he says it is scary. We are trying to teach him that God made the thunder, and it is nothing to be scared of. He knows God made it, but so far he isn’t buying the part about it not being scary. 🙂

Today I have begun the job of packing for our trip to Nebraksa. We leave early Thursday morning, and are looking at about a 12 to 13 hour drive. Though I am not exactly looking forward to traveling that long with two little boys, I am looking forward to seeing parts of the country I have not seen before. We are looking at it as a fun adventure – hopefully it proves to be so! 🙂 Please remember to keep us in your prayers – for safety as we drive, and also for peace concerning God’s will.



1 Comment

  1. Dana Blondo said,

    June 10, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Keep us posted. We’re praying for you guys. Should we expect you on Thursday afternoon as you’re travelling through? 🙂

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