Learning to be a Helper

Last night we took Isaac with us to clean the bank. Usually we leave both boys with my mom, but Isaac asked to go with us, so we took him along. He thought he was really getting a special treat!  He “helped” me dust and “helped” Adam vacuum and take out trash. If you are a mom you know just what sort of “help” a two year old can be. 🙂 Isaac was as proud as could be as he worked along with us. He kept running back to tell me “Mama, I helping my daddy!” or “Mama, I vacuum by myself with my daddy!” (this “my daddy” is his newest thing)

While it might have taken us a little longer to clean with him in tow, it was also quite fun. We try to take every opportunity to teach him. This was just one more experience to help him learn how to be a good worker, to obey, and to be a help to others. I was really wishing I had my camera last night, he was terribly cute working along side us!

Afterwards we stopped and got Frostys at Wendy’s as a special treat for working so well. Of course he gobbled his down in no time at all! 🙂


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