Missions Conference

We just finished our Missions Conference here at Prairie. It began Wednesday evening, and ended Sunday evening. This year we had three missionary families, the Berg’s, the Harris’ and the Turbow’s. Dr. Charles Keen was our main speaker, and what a blessing he was! His preaching was such an encouragement to both Adam and I. It was a busy, blessed week filled with much activity.

Adam and I, as always, were in charge of the children’s program. This year we went with an airline theme. The kids each received an “airline ticket” that had to be punched each night at the “ticket counter” before they could board “Mission Air”. Each night we flew to a different mission field. They also earned “support money” throughout the week to spend at the Missionary Post on Friday night. It all turned out great, and I think the kids had a great time.

Missions conference for us starts weeks ahead of time with planning and preparing. Then Monday morning starts the flurry of preparation. Adam did a great job building the “airplane” for the children’s program. My dad also helped us with some of the construction and I did much of the painting.

After a great Missions Conference, everyone got a much needed rest today. School was called off, and all church and school staff had a day to recoup!



 Working hard on the airplane set, with a little “help” from Isaac!


Adam and a few of the teens detailed and washed the missionary vehicles on Saturday afternoon.

Adam and Dr. Keen


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