Prayer Request

Below is an e-mail we received from our friends John and Patty Sommer asking for prayer. I am passing this along so that you can pray also.

Dear Friends and Family,
We have a very urgent prayer request for a friend and fellow missionary, Aaron.  He and his young family are missionaries in a country in North Africa.  Because of security reasons I cannot give any more details.  For about a year now he has been having some problems with his lungs.  He went to the doctor a few times in the country of his work, but had not gotten much help.  He continued trying to work through the problem.  As I understand it, he recently started coughing up blood.  He was advised to return home for medical help.  He just arrived home a few days ago and was taken straight to the hospital for tests.  After much testing, the doctors have discovered a growth in his right lung.  They say there is a 50% chance that it is cancerous.  We are awaiting the results which should be delivered Monday.  Please be much in prayer for this dedicated young man, his wife, and his two small children.  I have included a post about this on our blog,  As soon as I hear anything else I will send an email and put a post on the blog.  Please alert your churches to this need, also.
In Christ,
Patty Sommer

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