The Beginning of Understanding

Adam and I are begining to see a small light of understanding in Isaac when it comes to knowing who Jesus is. Yesterday when he had done wrong I was explaining to him how it was sin and it made God very sad when he sinned. He thought for a moment and then asked, “Jesus sad too?” Then last night  we were reading a Bible story about Moses and praying with him at bed time when he surprised us with a question out of the blue. “Daddy, Jesus come my house?” From that question Adam was able to tell him that Jesus could come and live in his heart, and how wonderful that was. Isaac looked down at his heart and patted his chest seeming to think that was a good thing too, repeating that Jesus could live in his heart. Our hearts were thrilled at this small bit of understanding on his part. Of course, he is still two, and it was made clear that we still have a long way to go when his next question was, “Spiderman live my heart?” 🙂


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